Friday, October 5, 2007

The American flag lapel pin and the $12,500.00 solution)

Being neither a democrat, republican or independent (my category probably falls under "shocked and appalled" or "speechless") I tend to stay true to my party... "Basic man"...

Rarely do I comment in public (or polite company) on politics but one thing that has troubled me immensely is this .39 cent American flag pin that seems to be ever present.

... This morning, I hear that Sen Obama has decided to shed this tin pin... Finally someone who will stand up and say "I'm tired of this rusty hole in my lapel" (that's not a "direct" quote from Sen Obama, just my "take" on his thinking)

Now the question begs... "what to replace it with"? and quite naturally, I have a suggestion.

The Ahern & Brucker limited edition Basic Man's Patriot ring...

Designed for world leaders, available to the Basic man exclusively from the mom and pop shop that designed it.

Our new (and first) affiliate with this project is

These are being offered in a limited edition of 2008. and we are accepting orders now.

This ring is made of the finest platinum (pt950) and incorporates a 3/4 ct center ruby 2- 1/2 ct blue sapphires and 4 white diamonds all being within the top 5% of the nicest gemstones on earth in American standard grading charts.

The ring is made in 4 seperate parts, and cast to your exact size. follow this link to see how it is constructed from start to finish and some thought's that went into it..

Please allow 3 - 4 weeks for delivery To view more photos click on the link below.

Limited edition Platinum $12,500.00
Standard 18k $10,000.00
Economy 18k $7,500.00
Economy 14k $6,900.00



Christine OKelly said...

What a smart idea...

bob said...

Thanks Christine:)

you never really know if any new idea is going to work until you try... But, the beaten path to marketing jewelry "seems" like a crowded and unhospitable place from my vantage point..

We have an opening in our "brain trust" for an advisor if your interested. Hours are great, work is fun and the payoff could be exceptional.

BillyWarhol said...

That would look c0ol too with Black Stones*

I saw yer Widget Post on MBL - U may wanna contact my Friend Derek at

He really knows his stuff + may be able to Help you or point U in the right direction*

I'm a Big believer too in Widgets - I think they offer tremendous potential for Making $$$ on the Net!!

Cheers Bob! Billy ;))


bob said...

Thanks for the lead and welcome Billy

I have to replace 3 emeralds on my ring and was either thinking of black diamonds or black sapphires...

They say brilliant minds think alike:)

Best wishes:)


Robyn McMaster said...

Bob, you really have a beaut line of jewelry.

I'm wondering though, if I have a rusty hole in my lapel, not sure I'd replace it with a ring... but maybe a really nice broach... What do you think?

bob said...

Haqppy New year Robyn and thanks

Yes, definately a really nice hand fabricated broach would be a pretty nice way of covering up a rusty hole in your lapel:)

And for the days you are not wearing a lapel, the broach should maybe have a hidden bail so you could also wear it as a pendant.

(THis way you can be patriotic while you are swimming or some other unclothed activity:)